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Welcome! I am Dr. Sampa Manigat, a facilitator in discovering your Truth.

  • I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Speaker and Dentist.
  • Essentially, I am a Personal Development and Coaching Geek!
  • What Is Your Truth? Whatever it is, I want to help you dive deep below the surface and achieve greater clarity.
  • 10 years ago, I had to look at my Truth. The source of my stories stemmed from grief, unhealthy boundaries,  poor business decisions and partnerships. I started to do the inner work by looking at myself in the mirror and showing up with authenticity. I will help you find your Truth because I’ve been there. I want you to be seen for who you are.
  • I will be your advocate as we work together through challenges, difficult decisions and/or breakthroughs. And yes, there will be pain because I am here for your Transformation not Information! 
  • I am committed to your success. Let’s take your personal and/or professional life to the next level!

What I do

I am a neuro-transformational coach and understanding human behavior and the subconscious mind is key to creating transformative shifts. Shifts you will feel in your mind, body and soul. Transformation cannot occur without disruption.

My sessions will facilitate a transformation that won’t happen with convenience, but with the immersion in the work required to liberate yourself. This is how breakthroughs happen.

With neuro-transformational coaching I will help guide you to: 

  • Move through grief (grief coaching and recovery).
  • Explore limiting beliefs you may have. 
  • Focus on controllable actions and not the outcome. The results will follow.
  • Align and empower you to achieve your desired goals in your personal and/or professional life.
  • Delve deep into what your subconscious markers are and how to get past the blocks. 
  • Alleviate dental fear using tools I have developed from 27 years’ experience as a dentist. 
  • Look at fear differently because fear is REAL. 
  • Dispel the myths about failure. 
  • Overcome Imposter syndrome. 
  • Overcome white coat hypertension/white coat syndrome. 
  • Understand the importance of self-esteem in your Truth and in your success. 
  • Clear challenges NOT cope with them.

I am so passionate about digging deep and having meaningful conversations about how you connect to self, regard yourself and treat yourself.

Good Grief


I come from a place of service and my purpose is to provide a safe space for you.


Heart centered group retreats to reveal, feel and heal
Opportunites for transformative changes

Group Coaching

Professional/Personal development
Grief coaching
Dental coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Personal/Professional development
Grief Coaching


Self-hosted or collaborative group workshops

What people are saying …

My challenge was forgiveness. Coach Sampa helped me understand that if I wanted to move forward and find peace of mind, I had to forgive others and also myself. In doing so, I was able to give myself the best gift and finally experience freedom. I recommend Coach Sampa because she is caring, patient and nonjudgmental.
I see Sampa having been given the gift to help others transform grief (of whatever loss they may feel) into gratitude and then onward to celebration of the love and joy and blessing of whatever they now grieve. Seeing the truth that we do not grieve that which we haven't first loved and cherished. There is much to be grateful for in that and ultimately celebrate. Sampa, you are the epitome of gratitude and people are drawn to that essence of you. I see you helping others transform grief and loss into celebration of living and loving.
When I first started my sessions I was feeling frustrated and stuck. I needed a change but didn't know where to start. Sampa helped me to identify the areas in my life that needed improvement and gave me an action plan to help me move forward. She is a great listener and genuinely cares about your well- being. I would definitely recommend Sampa to anyone who wants to elevate their career and relationships to a higher level.
I thought my marriage had reached a dead-end and after working with Coach Sampa, my partner and I learned to talk through our challenges. Our relationship went from hopeless to hopeful! I would recommend Coach Sampa to anyone struggling in their relationship with others and with themselves. She empowered us.
I wanted a new job because I was so unhappy at my current job. However, I presumed that any other job would be the same. Coach Sampa made me understand that I was responsible for my own happiness and that I needed to make personal changes before I would be able to move on. Yes, the job was making me unhappy but I had to be accountable for the part I played in it. I would recommend Coach Sampa because I came for answers and she gave me clarity to own my voice.
Sampa helped me process my grief and make peace with it. She helped me embrace it. Thanks to Sampa I accepted my grief and had the courage to feel my feelings. Now I feel like a load has been lifted off my back. I recommend Sampa because she’s a great listener and empathetic. She has gone through a lot of grief herself and that gives her the authority and expertise to coach us on this area of life. I am forever grateful. Thank you Sampa.
Fear and anxiety of retirement brought me to Coach Sampa's office. I was contemplating retirement and had so many questions that were making me scared and anxious. During the process, I lost my dear Mother and because of Covid-19, I was unable to travel to Ghana for her burial. Coach Sampa was amazing and very accommodating. Not only were my fears and anxieties about retirement calmed down, my grief was manageable. My stress at work disappeared due to her professional excellence. Through her coaching skills, empathy, relevant questions and redirecting my thoughts and my use of language, I became calm, hopeful and excited! I have gained confidence in myself and will not hesitate to continue with her in the near future and refer others who need assistance in any life struggle. ‘Thank you’ Coach Sampa.
Before coaching, I felt lost and powerless seeing my relationship with my partner deteriorate. The results after an intensive program are that I am confident we are going to make it and grow old together.
Dr. Sampa is great at providing the tools required to work on your relationship. I've learnt so much during our sessions. I wish I had done this earlier. There are some things I would have not figured out by myself.
Coach helped me redirect all of the love I felt lost or gone to waste after my breakup into pouring it back into myself and particularly to understand the meaning of self-trust and how it manifests itself in all areas of our lives. By growing familiar with myself, my strengths and my aspirations, I was able to understand power always resided in me. This helped me shift from a place of sadness and loss to one of deep gratitude, inspiration and action leading to setting goals in many areas of my life. I have in fact taken on professional opportunities I once escaped (out of lack of self-trust), started sticking to a sports routine, socializing again and carving out time to replenish and ensure I fill my cup before I can fill others’ cups. Coach has helped me build a strong sense of self-accountability and to tune in with my higher self who has all the answers. The healing experienced has had ripple effects on every single area of my life.
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Harmony, vitality and renewal is my wish for you.
Stand in your Truth!